Am I blogging yet?

Today is the beginning and the end. For me, at least. I have been waiting for this day as the final escape, the culmination of our summer and the success criterium for all our efforts to this point. My biggest accomplishment since May is that I, we, have finally got into our 4runner, and left. We LEFT. We got into our... ok, you get it.

This couldn't be a better day emotionally and meteorologically. We have finally loaded our gigantic trailer with all of our Useless Items (R) and set our GPS to Texas. The snow is storming all the way to Chicago and we'll have to drive right through it. I have always imagined our departure as a dramatic escape from a true Canadian snow storm. Anton is taking the first turn at the wheel and we are crawling with determination to Flint, MI, our first border. I'm finally relaxed. I have been telling myself that as long as we leave everything else will be easy after that. Amen to that. Let the games begin!


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